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                                                  Radon Measurement


This sensor has the function of monitoring the level of radon in the environment

How sensor work :

The sensor is made with metal cylindrical chamber , front openings to let the air
its placement should be as close as possible to the floor because the gas is more heavy than air.
The gas enters and interacts with an electronic sensor (Alpha radioactive particle emissions per volume of air.)
which sends impulses to PC then they are translates  into measured values ​​in picoCurie per liter or in Becquerel per cubic meter.

The instrument is self-made by the author

The maximum attention for a newly built home environment are of 5.4 pCi / L  (200 Becquerel/mq)  and 10.8 pCi/L (400 Becquerel/mq) for existing buildings
Often these values ​​are achieved especially in poorly ventilated rooms on the ground floor.

Interpretation of the measurement 

The graph is the trend of real-time disintegrations measured in the ion chamber measurement is expressed in
in picoCurie per liter.




Special thanks goes to Livio and all Theremino System Team  for great Software provided
program is open source, for more info please visit   www.theremino.com